Are you trying to find a tool that not only allows you to interact with visitors in real-time but also provides many different ways for them to get in touch with you? Have No Worry! You are in the right spot at the right time.

With this tool, you can have a two-way conversation with site visitors in real-time and make yourself available via a variety of channels to address any issues that may arise.

You may include it on your own site or use a site builder to set it up. Many messaging options exist, and most of them are compatible with deep linking. This implies that you are free to use any messaging service of your choosing while still being able to send and receive links.

The AnyChat Lifetime Deal comes into play here.

Thank you for your AnyChat review. In the following articles, you will discover what AnyChat is, how it operates, what AnyChat Appsumo has to offer, how much it costs, and more.

What Is AnyChat?


AnyChat is a powerful and versatile communication tool designed to simplify and enhance customer interactions on your website. It offers a sleek and customizable contact button that remains visible on every page of your site, making it easy for visitors to get in touch with you instantly. 

It allows for dialogues to take place in real time between site users and ensures that you can rapidly answer questions or offer assistance, making it a very helpful tool for delivering customer support on your website. 

Visitors will be able to communicate with you using the messaging program of their choice if you make use of technology that enables deep linking and supports numerous messaging platforms.

AnyChat is a versatile widget that adds a contact icon to every page, enhancing the customer service capabilities of your website. With AnyChat, site visitors are able to communicate with you via a variety of channels.

Enjoy real-time communication with your visitors and be available to respond to their questions or assist them with any issues they may be experiencing. AnyChat ensures that you are always reachable, making it an excellent tool for enhancing customer service on your website.

Who Should Buy AnyChat Lifetime Deal?

The AnyChat Lifetime Deal is best for:

  • Consultants
  • Customer Support
  • E-commerce

Key Features of AnyChat:


Multiple Contact Methods:

You must offer a number of different ways for people to get in touch with you so that they know you will always be ready to respond to their inquiries and provide assistance when needed.

Deep-linking Technology:

AnyChat is interoperable with a number of different messaging services, including those that employ deep linking technology. This enables you to engage with visitors and share links with them using the messaging service of your choice.

Real-Time Chatting:

You have the option of having a real-time chat with individuals who are now visiting your website, allowing you to provide them with prompt guidance and help whenever they desire it.

Live Chat Integrations:

Installing a live chat widget on your website allows you to have a direct and quick conversation with the people who visit your site. Participate in conversations, offer assistance, and answer inquiries with ease.

Customizable Callback and Direct Email Forms:

Create your own callback and direct email forms in order to personalize the experience of communicating with us. You can modify the layout of the form by adding or removing fields and buttons, altering the labels and placeholders, and repositioning the elements.


Get immediate alerts whenever a customer submits a Direct email contact request or requests a callback through your service. Never again will you overlook critical communications from your clients.

AnyChat enables you to improve the communication capabilities of your website, deliver outstanding customer care, and actively engage with your audience in an efficient manner.

AnyChat Appsumo Pricing Plan:

Plan 1

One-Time Purchase Of $9

  • Unlimited menu customization
  • Unlimited menu items
  • Unlimited button customization
  • Remove branding

Plan 2

One-Time Purchase Of $18

  • Unlimited widgets
  • Unlimited domains
  • Activate Multisite plan
  • Unlimited menu customization
  • Unlimited menu items
  • Unlimited button customization

Plan 3

One-Time Purchase Of $27

  • Unlimited domains
  • Activate Multisite plan
  • Add $18 to your internal account balance
  • Unlimited button customization
  • Remove branding
  • Twilio integration
  • Telegram integration
  • Perfex CRM integration
  • Advanced email settings
  • Advanced form management

Take advantage of our 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for a full 2 months to ensure it’s the perfect fit for you!

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  • Check your inbox for any new messages.
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  • This offer is only valid for first-time purchases (New customers).

AnyChat Regular Pricing Plan:

Free $0.00

  • 1 widget
  • LiveChat
  • 3 button menu items
  • Limited button customization

Pro: $1.49 Per Month And $9.99 Per Year

  • Remove branding
  • Unlimited menu items
  • Unlimited button customization
  • Unlimited menu customization
  • Menu item scheduler
  • Live chat integrations
  • Advanced email settings

Multisite: $2.99 Per Month And $19.99 Per Year

  • Unlimited widgets
  • Unlimited domains
  • Agency: $18/Lifetime or $90/Lifetime

Chat Flows: $18/Lifetime

  • ChatGPT integration
  • Support live chat and Telegram
  • Webhooks to integrate with 1000+ services

Agency: $18/Lifetime

  • 5 clients included
  • Each client will get a PRO plan
  • $3 per additional client
  • Custom branding
  • 50% affiliate for each client purchase

Alternative To AnyChat: is a free chat platform that enables users to communicate with individuals from around the globe. It is a safe and secure platform that encrypts user data from beginning to end. features private conversations, group chats, and video calls, among other options.

It is a popular platform for individuals seeking to meet new people, make new acquaintances, or find a date. is accessible via the web and mobile devices.


JivoChat is a business messenger plugin that manages live chat, phone, email, and social media messaging platforms. Use the live chat widget to place and receive inquiries.

An offline message informs consumers of your availability. Provide options for the customer to contact you again. There are options for multi-agent and team conversations.


Chaty incorporates a floatable chatbox and call-to-action messages into your website. Configure the display trigger to determine when the conversation window will appear. Choose from eight distinct effects. Customize the icons, select alternative buttons, and alter the widget’s dimensions.

A pending communication icon functions as a call to action. It attaches to various channels so that users may utilize the chat applications of their preferred social networks and platforms.

Pros and Cons of AnyChat:


  • With just a few taps, you can send a message to anyone, anywhere in the world. This instantaneous nature fosters quick responses and enhances productivity in both personal and professional settings.
  • Messaging apps go beyond text and enable users to share multimedia files like photos, videos, and audio messages. 
  • This feature allows for more engaging conversations, making it easier to convey emotions and experiences.
  • Messaging apps facilitate group chats, making it convenient to communicate with multiple people simultaneously. 
  • Whether you’re planning an event or collaborating on a project, group chats simplify coordination and decision-making.
  • Emojis and stickers add a fun and expressive element to messaging. They help convey emotions and reactions effectively, making conversations livelier and more enjoyable.
  • Many messaging apps integrate with other services, such as payment systems, file-sharing platforms, and social media accounts. 
  • This integration streamlines tasks and reduces the need to switch between multiple apps.


  • The convenience of messaging apps comes with potential privacy and security risks. 
  • Constant notifications and messages can interrupt important tasks and cause time-wasting.
  • Messaging apps heavily rely on internet connectivity, and without a stable connection, communication becomes challenging or impossible.

Final Words:

In conclusion, AnyChat offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to improve customer communication and support. By integrating live chat, video calls, social media, contact forms, and advanced analytics, 

AnyChat empowers businesses to engage with their audience effectively. Embrace the power of AnyChat, and witness a significant boost in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do we need this service?

With this service, it’s easy to add the multi-tool contact button to your website, so your customers can easily reach you through their preferred message or live chat widget.

Can I use this service without paying?

Yes, you can use it for free for as long as you want, but there are some limits on how it works. Visit the pricing area to compare the free plan to other plans.

Why do I need to set up more than one way for people to contact me on my website?

For example, if a customer only spends a few minutes on your website but spends all day on WhatsApp, they might prefer to talk straight through WhatsApp. This is because they are already using WhatsApp to check for texts and read notifications.
 So, some people love WhatsApp, some use Messenger, and some use Telegram. So let your customers choose how they want to get in touch with you. You can also add contact forms so people can send you messages.

With this service, what routes can I use?

We handle almost every social network and messaging service. You can use whatever you want: WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc. Visit this page to see the full list.

Can I show you some wonderful messages?

Sure, you can. These texts are very appealing and can bring you more contacts. The ability to show open bubbles next to the contact button is another great feature. It gets people’s attention and tells them what to do.