Formaloo is the trending software meant to help someone build his working space without any coding. It is software that can help you organize, understand and collect the data.

Formaloo is a fantastic consumer engagement software created to give someone a single audience view. And this helps you target beneficial audiences with the correct message and at the right time.

You can ideally build the online cloud-based form surveys on the desktop and mobile using this platform.

It’s only not a builder but also gives the user power to build persona software, may it be web-based or mobile-based.

Formaloo Review ( What you know about)

Our today’s Formaloo Review, you will clearly understand how it works, its benefits, pros and cons, and any other necessary information you need to know.

Meet Formaloo

Meet Formaloo none-code platforms, which enables someone to build custom quizzes, forms, databases, surveys, and mobile apps even up to ten times.

Moreover, this platform’s mobile apps allow the user to review submissions and forms without accessing a desktop pc.


Formaloo TL DR

Formaloo comes with different calculators someone can use in making polls, forms, and quizzes interactive and engaging. Further, you can create donations, registration, online booking, and payment form while collecting your payments via PayPal, stripe, etc.

Besides, Formaloo also got many templates to provide. These templates help you keep the team intact and organize work easily. And this work can as well get divided into sub-teams, including event organization, Hr work, surveys conducted, bookings are taken, etc.

Formaloo Review

Below is a list of the templates Formaloo offers:

– Widgets

– Order and booking

– Exhibitions and events

– Education

– People and HR

– Lead generation

– Job applications

– Remote working

– Multi-page

– Questionnaire and survey

– Conditions and log in

– Business

– Registration

– HealthCare


Formaloo Features and Plans

– No codes

– Lifetime access

– GDPR compliant

– Money-back guarantee

– You should activate the license

Formaloo Plans & Features
Formaloo Features Included

Formaloo Pricing Policy

Plan one- 59 dollars with

– Three team members

– Pro plan features

– All features comprised

– 10 GB safe cloud storage for each client

Plan two- 119 dollars

– Five team members

– Pro plan features

– All features comprised

– 10 GB safe cloud

Plan three- 179 dollars

– Pro plan features

– 10 GB safe cloud storage

– 15 team members

– It comes with all features

Formaloo Pricing

Formaloo Pros and Cons

Formaloo Pros

– 100 templates

– No coding

– Free plans

– Come with features

Formaloo Cons

– So far, no cons


Final verdict

The above is a comprehensive Formaloo Review to help someone know how helpful it is.

Its features templates will aid you to grow your e-commerce within the shortest time possible.

Further, it has affordable price plans for every user.