What do you do when you understand that your social media followers are not visiting your website as before, or preferably you have a newbie website that needs followers but not achieving the targeted goals.
In this case, you need software that can aid you in increasing the traffic to your site and enhance your social presence.

Look no more. Linkjoy got you covered. Linkjoy guarantees to help increase help generate more leads and brand awareness and retarget users.
I am glad to take you through the below detailed and helpful Linkjoy review to help you understand all necessary information you should know before opting to use it.

Introducing Linkjoy

Generally, this is functional and intuitive digital presence software meant to help the creators with their payment receivables, lead generation, and retargeting modules.

Besides, this software may also be utilized to eventually generate your Instagram-friendly bio links, create the micro-lending pages within the shortest time possible and retarget links via shortening the URLs. In simple terms, Linkjoy is tested and approved to aid the marketers to get effective ROI right from their links via offering social bio links, Instagram post links, and link retargeting.

How helpful is Linkjoy?

Some of us who have applied this software can testify to its countless benefits. First, the Linkjoy Link right in the Bio feature allows the user to create the best mobile-first and micro landing pages within the shortest time using customizable layouts and themes.
This means someone can typically customize his layout for his product and services, making it stand out to boost conversions.

Further, you can easily direct followers on your specific social media platforms and drive traffic to the sites via adding links to products, services, and videos as per your preferences.
Also, this software comes with analytics features to measure unique clicks and track the kind of content your customers prefer.

In addition, with restricted chances of converting on social media, this software aids someone to create the clickable optimized effective page even using a specific link.

In this case, your followers will quickly see your feed as well as a clickable image to use when checking the pages of your site or shopping at clicking on your bio.

What can you do with Linkjoy?


– Increases your brand awareness

– Generate more leads

– Curate and share third-party content

– Create the micro-lending pages

– Build a valuable portfolio

– Retarget the traffic for your analytical purposes


Whom LinkJoy aimed to?

Although this software is for any person who may find it valuable and beneficial, below are top occupations that would greatly benefit from Linkjoy:

– Brands

– Business owners

– eCommerce professionals

– Influencers

– Freelancers

– Digital marketers

– Agencies etc

How Linkjoy is used?

Essentially, this is a trending professional software that enables the users to add an easy and accessible short link to their website, portfolio, or blog.

Besides, the short link can either bit.ly or text link to permanently shorten the letter making it easy to share and remember.

Once you log in to the linkjoy page, you are expected to choose specific categories that describe your business well.

Please turn to the following page and fill it in your actual company name, the help you require with sections, how you heard about the software, followed by clinking explore dashboard and continue. At this point, you should receive the product tour, which you can decline via clicking the X button.

This tour shows someone around the entire platform and layout of their page.
Further, the dashboard will typically show someone the number of clicks, curated pages, the referrer of specific clicks, location, and device.

Overall, this platform is easy to access because each step offers help.

Why short URL is essential and linked with Linkjoy software?

Generally, short URLs effectively make it simple for the clients to share and love your content, even in their social media networks. Therefore, by creating a short URL, someone can offer their customers an accessible and straightforward way to remember your URL.

Further, short URLs are fantastic for encouraging sharing right within the company. Maybe you might be working on a new feature for your site and desire to know how people take it out there; a short URL linking to your tweet or blog post would significantly help.


Linkjoy Plans and features

The features in all plans

– Customizable layout selection

– Tag feature

– GDPR settings

– UTM builder

– Link preview

– Chrome extension

– Unlimited custom script

– Custom postfix in the shortened URL

– Templates

– Unlimited blocks

– Autosave

– Customizable backgrounds

– Customizable font

– OG and meta keywords

– Autosave

– All themes

– Chrome extension

– Layout selection

– A/B testing

– Generate QR code

– Tag feature

Deal Terms

– Stack codes

– Lifetime access

– Someone should redeem the codes right within the first 60 days after purchase

– GDPR compliant

– 60-day cash–back warranty

– All plan updates


The pros

– Affordable price plans

– Onboarding is easy

– Simple to use

– Easy to eventually set up utilizing blocks

– Sleek navigation of the official website

– Clients support is available 24/7

– The essential FAQs are found right at the bottom in a detailed manner

– The tutorial aid someone who uses this platform

– It comes with a great roadmap ahead

The Cons

– No capability of sharing reports with customers

– The FAQs could be better on a separate page

– It may require multiuser access

– The Google ads should have been allowed

– The support system needs more improvement based on some clients



Currently is at 49 dollars from 948 dollars and with below features.

– 300,000 total clicks monthly

– Creator plan

– 100 Instagram active bio links

– 3 Custom domains

– 50,000 retargeting links

– 500 link right on bio links

Double plan

Recently, this plan costs 98 dollars from 1188 dollars with the below features included.

– 10m total and active clicks monthly

– Pro plan

– 300,000 retargeting links

– 1,000 functional Instagram bio links

– Ten custom domains

– 5,000 links on your bio links

Multiple plans

The plan is at 147 dollars from 2376 dollars with the below features included:

– Agency plan

– Unlimited custom domains

– Unlimited retargeting links

– Limitless Instagram active bio links

– Limitless total clinks monthly

Top Linkjoy values

In essence, linkjoy follows the below values ensuring they stay focused and active on their mission.

– Frugality- their limits encourage invention, resourcefulness, and self-reliance

– Ownership- They have a centered approach to ownership and aims for extended–term values

– Dive deep- this platform tends to operate at various levels, do frequent audits, and pay attention to details.


Customers obsessions:

They prioritize their client and work hard towards earning clients’ trust.

 – Deliver results- they focus on specific vital inputs for clients’ business while delivering the right quality promptly.

– Simplify and invent- simplification, innovation and invention are top skills that linkjoy thrives upon

– Have a spine- having conviction, challenging contrary decisions and integrity when needed.


Shortening our URL seems an excellent way to save time and money. In this way, Linkjoy offers you a cheap, straightforward process that does not take much space on the computer or phone.

When we were doing more research about Linkjoy, we came to countless customer reviews regarding this software.

Regardless of negative and positive reviews, the positive ones will impress you and encourage you to use linkjoy.

With the above LinkJoy review, you can make a good and beneficial decision to use this software. Good luck as you decide to purchase Linkjoy