Are you avoiding using search engine optimization tools because of how expensive they are? Do you want a solution that will last forever and let you build your SEO strategy for the rest of your life without having to pay again and again? 

If you answered “yes,” then you came to the right place. Because the SheerSEO Lifetime Deal is here to assist you in accomplishing your goals.

One of the many helpful resources available online is SheerSEO or SEO software. Because of this, I decided to write this review to explain what it can do and how it might help your website.

What Is SheerSEO?


SheerSEO is great SEO tracking software that shows how well your website is doing online. There is a lot of useful information in the software, such as keyword data, keyword density, page rankings, a SERP tracker, page referrers, and a backlink checker.

This data can assist you in determining what you’re doing well and, more importantly, what you’re doing incorrectly on your website. Once you know what needs to be changed, you can start making changes to your website and slowly move up the SERPs. In the end, SEO is not a one-time thing; it needs to be checked on and improved all the time.


AppSumo Presentation on SheerSEO

SheerSEO -Feature:

Here is a long list of all the features that SheerSEO software has to offer:

Rank Tracking

SheerSEO has rank-tracking software for Google, YouTube, Bing, and all the other big search engines. Give relevant information from Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, such as the number of searches and actual traffic data. This will be done once a week or every day, which will save you a lot of time that you would have spent getting this information.

You can also track your progress and see important data for each term, such as search traffic, visits, impressions, and changes from week to week.

SheerSEO Lifetime Deal

Keyword Explorer

The keyword exploration tool makes it easy to find new ways to target keywords and does keyword research. You can get a lot of ideas for keywords, and the keyword research tool can help you figure out which ones to focus on.

In addition, this application offers a variety of filters to help you sort through a large number of results. You can export the list of selected keywords to PDF or CSV for further use.

The Prediction Of Foot Traffic

SheerSEO uses information from the Google Keyword Tool in their premium and business packages. Potential information for each term could be integrated based on its findings. 

It can be used to estimate how often people will search for that keyword on Google and how many people will end up visiting the search engine each month. 

Here you may get an estimate for the number of people who will use this search phrase, based on the keyword’s position in the rankings and the number of times it is searched for each month.

SEO Site Audit

Using the SheerSEO program, you can do an SEO site audit to find out where your website needs work. This feature looks at each page of your website, finds any problems, and brings them to your attention.

When there are numerous errors, we help you categorize them according to how serious they are and what kind they are. When you’ve taken action to remedy a problem, we can run a second scan to be sure it’s gone. You may monitor the progress of the SEO work using our platform.

Directory Submission

This software makes submitting to directories for backlinks a breeze.

SheerSEO makes it easy to submit your website to multiple paid directories with only a few clicks. They also let you pick and select which directories to submit to depending on factors like Alexa rank and citation flow. With this semi-automated system, you don’t have to look for directories, fill out their forms, and pay each one separately.

SheerSEO Appsumo Deal Includes:

  • Get access to SheerSEO Lifetime Deal
  • All future Standard Plan updates
  • Competitor analysis
  • Google Search Console integration
  • The codes must be redeemed within sixty days after receipt.
  • Link building with directories and blogs
  • Save up to 9 codes.
  • A refund within 60 days. Try it out for the next two months and see whether it’s the right fit for you!

SheerSEO Appsumo Pricing:


One-Time Purchase Of $49

  • In a single domain (s)
  • Top 75 Keywords
  • Twenty monthly reports from explorers
  • Auditing frequency: two times per month
  • The monthly page count of 2,000


One-Time Purchase Of $98

  • In two domain (s)
  • Top 150 Keywords
  • Forty monthly reports from explorers
  • Inspecting Websites Four Times a Month
  • The monthly page count of 4,000


One-Time Purchase Of $147

  • In four domain (s)
  • Top 225 Keywords
  • Eighty monthly reports from explorers
  • Average Monthly Site Audit Frequency: 8
  • Crawled Monthly Average: 8,000 Pages

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SheerSEO Regular Main Pricing:

Single Domain Plans:-

  • Free $0 Per Month
  • Standard $10 Per Month( Billed Monthly ) – $8 Per Month( Billed Yearly )
  • Advanced $15 Per Month( Billed Monthly ) – $12 Per Month( Billed Yearly )
  • Professional Thin $25 Per Month( Billed Monthly ) – $20 Per Month( Billed Yearly )
  • Professional $40 Per Month( Billed Monthly ) – $32 Per Month( Billed Yearly )

Agency Plans:-

  • Tiny Agency $29 Per Month( Billed Monthly ) – $23 Per Month( Billed Yearly )
  • Small Agency $49 Per Month( Billed Monthly ) – $39 Per Month( Billed Yearly )
  • Medium Agency $89 Per Month( Billed Monthly ) – $71 Per Month/Mo( Billed Yearly )
  • Agency $129 Per Month( Billed Monthly ) – $103 Per Month( Billed Yearly )

Alternative To SheerSEO


SiteGuru lets companies check meta descriptions, schema markup, page performance, canonicals, broken links, errors, and redirects.

It offers a detailed SEO to-do list and audit findings. Fixing the issue will increase Google traffic. 

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Switchy allows you to customize, manage, and track retargeting links to increase conversions. This is the best way for marketing agencies, content teams, e-commerce companies, and advertisers to manage and track retargeting links.

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Advantages & Disadvantage Of  SheerSEO


  • SheerSEO has many good features and many options if it works.
  • Unique and Effective keyword analysis instrument
  • Fast and friendly customer support
  • SheerSEO’s web analytics and rival analysis features are top-notch.


  • Improved user interface design is necessary for software.


Do you want to remain at the top of search results at all times? You should always do an SEO analysis of your competitors and make sure your website is always optimized the right way.

And even though it’s all difficult and requires a lot of time, So, what steps should you take next?

You should think about using SheerSEO, which can help you research keywords, check your backlinks, and do anything else you might need.


  1. How can I go to acquire this deal?

Really simple.  It redirects to the deal’s sales or checkout page. We already covered the deal’s key details, but we recommend double-checking the features, pricing, and restrictions on the sales page. If you’re satisfied, take the offer and develop your business forever.

  1. Is SheerSEO the Best Option for You?

Small SEO firms just getting their feet wet can also benefit greatly from this technology. It’s important to note that this technology isn’t suitable for use in massive-scale endeavors.

SheerSEO can help you learn the ropes of search engine optimization, much like the training wheels on your first bike.