Effective communication and knowledge sharing are crucial factors for achieving success. Whether you’re an IT professional, consultant, educator, or part of customer support, effectively communicating complex processes to your team and clients can often feel overwhelming. 

That’s where Stepsy Lifetime Deal comes in as the ultimate solution for all your documentation and training material creation needs.

Hey there, in this Stepsy review article, you are about to know an overview of Stepsy, its features, what’s the point of using it, regular pricing plans, Stepsy Appsumo, discounts, and the last verdict.

What Is Stepsy?


Stepsy is easy-to-use software that makes it easier and faster to create documentation and training tools. It has an easy-to-use browser extension that lets users take screenshots, annotate photos, and make step-by-step guides with no trouble. 

This tool is especially helpful for explaining complicated processes, delegating tasks, and sharing knowledge successfully with teams, clients, or students. 

Stepsy also puts a high priority on data security and compliance by automatically masking private information to protect privacy and meet GDPR requirements. It also works well with Google Docs and Google Drive, making it easy for users to finish and share their paperwork. 

Stepsy wants to change the way you work and make your jobs easier, no matter if you’re a consultant, a customer service rep, an educator, or anyone else who needs efficient ways to document and train.

Who Needs To Buy Stepsy Lifetime Deal?

The “Stepsy Lifetime Deal” is ideal for:

  • Consultants.
  • Customer support.
  • Educators.
  • Small businesses.

Let’s Talk About The Features Of Stepsy:


Easy Screenshot Capture: 

Stepsy makes it easier than ever to take screenshots. You can quickly get the information you need with just one click, so you don’t need complicated tools or a lot of steps.

Tools For Annotating And Editing: 

Stepsy gives you strong tools for annotating and editing. You can easily add text descriptions, highlights, and annotations to your captured pictures. This makes it easy to explain and clarify details.

Seamless Documentation: 

Stepsy’s automation features will save you time and work. It automatically makes step-by-step guides based on the screenshots you take, so you don’t have to type them in by hand.

Privacy & Compliance: 

Data protection is important to Stepsy. It instantly hides sensitive data to comply with GDPR and protect your privacy. This gives you peace of mind when working with sensitive data.

Integration With Google Docs: 

Finish up your paperwork in Google Docs without any problems. Stepsy makes it easy to share your work online or download it as a PDF. Integration with Google Drive makes it easy to work together and keep track of documents.

Versatile Export Options: 

Stepsy lets you share your work in many different ways, including as a PDF, Word document, a local zip file, or a static HTML page. This gives you the freedom to share your documents in the manner that works best for you.

Easy-To-Use Browser Extension: 

The browser extension is made to be easy to use, so it can be deployed quickly and safely without the need for higher rights. This makes sure that anyone can use Stepsy to its full potential.

Wide Applicability:

Stepsy is a useful tool for many different types of workers, such as consultants, customer service teams, teachers, and business leaders. It can be used in many situations where you need clear documentation and training tools.

Stepsy Appsumo Pricing:

Personal Plan

One-time purchase of $39

  • Unlimited guides created.
  • Capture steps on mouse click.
  • Edit captured images.
  • Export to GDocs.
  • Save locally as HTML.
  • Mask sensitive data.
  • Automatic duplicate removal.
  • Remove Stepsy branding from images.

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Stepsy Regular Pricing:


  • No credit (always free) 

Personal Pro

  • $9/mo billed monthly and $8/mo billed yearly.


  • $19/mo billed monthly and $16/mo billed yearly.

Education – $Quote.

Enterprise – $Quote.

Alternative To Stepsy:


Inkling is an employee enablement platform that changes how companies connect and motivate their frontline workers by digitizing learning and expertise at the speed of work. We help companies do better in today’s fast-paced business world by giving them a new way to make and share content that lets their employees serve customers your way, every day. 

This means that instead of teaching, studying, and testing, field workers will find, learn, and do. It has been shown that Inkling’s portfolio of solutions lowers costs and employee turnover while increasing sales, employee involvement, and customer happiness.


Trainual is an information and training-sharing platform. It assists expanding teams in figuring out how to perform their duties. Trainual allows you to document, organize, assign, and search for all of your organization’s processes, policies, and procedures for all roles and responsibilities. 

This expedites induction and training, facilitates delegation, ensures that processes remain constant, increases responsibility, and keeps everyone in the loop regarding your need-to-know.

Process Street

Process Street is the world’s first platform for administering processes powered by AI. We help teams share their most important processes and then transform them into powerful workflows that don’t require any coding.

Start with employee onboarding to prepare new recruits for success, and then develop processes for customer implementation, content approvals, and tenant screening.

Pros And Cons Of Stepsy:


  • Streamlines the process of documenting and training employees.
  • Friendly to users and featuring effective automation.
  • places a high priority on both the privacy of data and compliance.
  • Provides a wide variety of export choices.
  • The integration is as smooth as possible with Google Docs.
  • Offers highly effective tools for annotating and altering content.
  • Compatible with a wide range of possible professional contexts.


  • The add-on requires a web browser that is compatible with it.
  • It’s possible that the initial setup and configuring will take some time.


In conclusion, Stepsy is a game-changer for anyone looking to simplify the creation of documentation and training materials. 

Whether you’re an IT professional, consultant, educator, or part of customer support, Stepsy offers an efficient, automated, and user-friendly solution to streamline your workflow. Say goodbye to tedious documentation processes and embrace the future of efficient knowledge sharing with Stepsy.

So get your “Stepsy Lifetime Deal” right now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 How does Stepsy handle sensitive data?

Stepsy takes data privacy seriously and is GDPR-compliant. It automatically masks preconfigured PII data and merges duplicates to ensure that sensitive information is protected.

Can I export my documentation to different formats?

Yes, Stepsy allows you to export your documentation in various formats, including Google Drive, PDF, Word, local zip files, and static HTML pages, giving you flexibility in sharing your content.

 Is Stepsy suitable for educators?

Absolutely! Educators can use Stepsy to create engaging step-by-step guides for students, making the learning process more interactive and informative.

 How easy is it to train my team using Stepsy?

Training your team with Stepsy is incredibly easy. The tool captures processes automatically and generates step-by-step guides, making it a breeze to delegate tasks and share knowledge with your team.