Is it possible to teach live, create and sell your online content just in a single dashboard without the need to hire an agency, using just one effortless -simple tool?

Yes, it is only possible with Utobo software.

Generally, Utobo is a simple platform for coaching services and educators to create courses, teach live classes and sell them online within a few minutes.

Utobo is a beneficial learning management software that offers users different functionalities. The software is created with valuable tools that the user may need when managing or creating content, selling to the global audience, and teaching online.

Also, each module right in the platform is integrated to offer someone a genuinely frictionless experience from day one, and you become an online coach.


Utobo Software

Essentially, this platform comes with a world-class content system that effectively helps users arrange various topics, subtopics, subjects, audio, text, presentations, image files, and PDFs. The customized dashboard in utobo has a fantastic graphical representation of analytics and critical reports.

 This means the user can track any attendance, the completion course, personal test performance, number of courses, fee details, etc.

Plus, utobo is integrated with helpful software like billing, SMS tools, CRM, payment gateways, ERP, or the hardware applications like bar code printers biometric systems.

 Besides, Utobo is best for coaches, solopreneurs, teachers, and consultants who are targeting to create, manage also sell their online courses. In just simply a small number of clicks, you can create your best online course.

This is because utobo got the ability to guide you through the entire process, from setting your course bundle modules to add-ons.

 You will love how Utobo integrates with BlueJeans and zoom, allowing the user to seamlessly schedule and teach the live classes even in group settings. And to create the course modules you want, this software gives you a chance to insert video links or upload multimedia files from Vimeo or Youtube.

From here, you can make the course accessible or preferably set your pricing for your students right before you publish it on your website.

The email tools in the Utobo platform enable the user to build a fantastic email campaign, decide where you will send it, schedule it or send it immediately.

You also can track email reports such as opened, email sent, unsubscribed, and clink to improve your overall campaigns while on the platform.

With Utobo, you can access a well-designed business site with the Stripe integration. And this helps someone sell their digital products and courses codeless.

The popular features of this software include custom pricing, multimedia formats, Zoom integrations, BlueJeans, flexible publishing, attendance reports, discounts and coupons, a calendar for the students, and the use of the domain name.

Regardless of how big or small your course might be, it can only be made effective with a straightforward way to get in front of your students, audience, and sell.

With Utobo, you are fully covered and start your teaching any time at an affordable price